About Our Shop – a “must read”

Before bringing in a mechanical clock for repair, please call us first.

NOTE: We are having to be more selective in the style of mechanical clocks we will work on.  Please call our shop before coming in with your clock.   It may be a style we are no longer repairing.  

Tick Tock Time Repair is a family business with family values.  Ryan is assisted by family members Charley (shop manager) and Merleen (bookkeeper).  It takes all of us to keep things running smoothly.

We have a very small shop of only 550 square feet which includes a customer waiting area and clock sales area.  Every foot of space is maximized for efficiency.

Ryan’s reputation for his expertise and quality work is growing in the Inland Northwest region.  Word of mouth is spreading about his shop and is bringing in a variety of service and repair jobs for clocks and watches.  These include house calls for Grandfather clocks.

We don’t do fast, cheap work.   We take the time to do a quality job which is done correctly the first time.

Our prices are reasonable and fairly priced for the quality of work performed on your clock or watch.

Our customers realize that it’s to their benefit to have a certified professional horologist work on their clock or watch.

You can always find someone else to do it cheaper and quicker.  Those who have not received formal training and certification should be charging less.

When you come to us, you will receive true value for the money you invest in your timepiece.

There are fewer and fewer trained and certified craftsman to work on clocks and watches today.  Few craftsman do quality work on both.  Ryan does.

Ryan is unique because he has received the finest and most up-to-date training in horology.  He’s been blessed with a natural gift and intuition in working with micro-mechanics.

Read about his elite certifications (CW21, SAWTA, WOSTEP) in the FAQ section of our website.

It all comes down to supply and demand.

The best qualified professional is one person (limited supply) with clients waiting in line for his services (high demand).

Ryan takes the time to get to know your clock or watch and let it “talk” to him.  This allows him to understand the personality and uniqueness of your timepiece.  Each one is different and in time will reveal to him where it is having problems.   Only after this, does the repair work begin.

Due to the amount of work we have, common repairs may take from 3 – 5 weeks for completion.

Please be advised that repair, service and overhaul work on either a clock or mechanical watch (non-battery) may be out as far as  2 – 8 months.  This is due to the number of jobs that keep coming  into our shop creating a backlog.

There will be some clocks and watches that we will decline to work on.

Our customers realize that repairs take time and may take months to be finished.  Knowing this they still come in, get a job number, and trust us with their cherished timepiece.

Shorter jobs are interspersed among the major repairs, so not all jobs have to wait this long.  Many jobs are quick and can be done at the counter or within a few days.

We do our best to move your job along as quickly as possible.

Our shop is open to the public during the week for walk-in traffic for watch batteries, watch bands, quick inspections and other services.

If you choose to do business with Tick Tock Time Repair, you are agreeing to comply with our method of scheduling and the time needed for repairs. 

This means that  major repairs are done by job order number and worked on as their turn comes.  We do not give you a date when your job will be finished.  Each job finished and out the door, will move yours one step closer to the front of the line.

This may appear as poor customer service.  Not so.

Service and repair of a timepiece does not fit in with our “get-it-now” society.  Watch and clock repair is a honored profession which demands time, expertise and patience.

You can know that when your turn comes, your timepiece will receive the attention and the quality of work it deserves.

We can best serve our customers with good quality service when they understand the repairs needed, the investment involved, the time needed for the repair and will agree to the time frame as it relates to their place in line.

When this is understood, there should be no disappointments.  The quality of the repair will be remembered long after the date when your clock or watch was finished.

We will call you when your timepiece has passed quality control and is ready for pick-up or installation.  Feel free to call and check on it’s progress.

Our family believes in being honest when dealing with our customers.

Our reputation is the key as to why our business is growing and why our customers are signing up to reserve their place in line.


We are not perfect.

We do our best to do the job correctly the first time.  But we do make mistakes.  There have been times when a job gets very ugly and turns into a sad ending for the customer and us.  These instances are far and few between, but they can happen.  An honest effort is made so that the outcome is fair for both sides.


Occasionally,  we use the services of specialists to perform repairs or fabricate parts.  We do this if they have specialized knowledge, unique equipment that we don’t have, or parts that we are not able to obtain.  We thoroughly inspect the work done so that our clients receive the best possible service.  We seldom send work out.  If we do, only the necessary part/item is sent out for service.


NOTE: We are not soliciting work from out of our service area.  We encourage you to go to the American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) website to find a professional horologist in your area.

Click on “Find a Professional.”  Become acquainted with the AWCI’s certifications, then find a certified professional and take your clock or watch to them.


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