Clock Repairs


Before bringing in a mechanical clock for repair, please call us first.

NOTE: We are having to be more selective in the style of mechanical clocks we will work on.  Please call our shop before coming in with your clock.   It may be a style we are no longer repairing.  

Tick Tock Time Repair (509-891-8625; is pleased to offer professional clock repair services in the Spokane area for mantel, wall, 2-weight cuckoo and Grandfather clocks.

Service and overhaul work is managed by Ryan Fox, a Swiss Certified Watchmaker (CW21, SAWTA, WOSTEP.)   See the FAQ section of our website for an explanation of these certifications.

Those knowledgeable about Horology will recognize these valued certifications.  Less than 3% of American Watchmakers have achieved all three.

Our customers realize that it is to their benefit to have a certified professional horologist work on their clock.


We service  mechanically powered (Grandfather, cuckoo (2-weight only), mantel and wall), battery-operated (quartz) and some electric clocks.

There will be some antique clocks that we will decline to work on and will refer you on to other repair shops that may work on those type of clocks.


We can do minor clock case repair and touch-up.  However, we do not do major case repair or restoration.  Out specialty is repairing the clock movement.


We do our house-calls on Saturdays and Wednesdays for Grandfather clocks.  We are generally out 2 to 3 months before we can come to your home.


Overhauls include ultrasonic cleaning, oiling, adjusting, and repairs. Every clock is different.  A quote will be provided before any work is started.




Curious clock owners call up and want to know what it will cost to fix their clock.  One called and said, “My clock won’t run, how much will it cost to get it fixed?”

That’s like calling the auto repair shop and asking, “My car just died, how much will it cost to get it running again?”  You get the idea.

We will ask you to bring your clock to our shop for us to take a look at it.


If your Grandfather clock needs servicing, do not bring your clock into our shop.  We can arrange a house-call to inspect/service or pull out the movement of your clock.  See house-call pricing details below.


Our minimum charge is $17

In-shop repairs can range between $17  to over $1000 depending on the situation.

Repairs fall into different categories: From front counter adjustments to major rebuilds or replacements.

Each category requires a different amount of shop time for repair.

New movements can range from $45 to $2800+ depending on the type of clock.


If your clock’s problem is not solved with a front-counter adjustment, then we charge a minimum of $45 + tax  for an inspection/diagnostic fee.   The fee could be more depending on the type of clock to determine the cause of the problem and provide a quote for repair.


Please don’t expect us to provide a repair quote while you are standing at the counter.

An inspection takes some time to accomplish.  The diagnostic fee really doesn’t cover our shop time, but does provide you information about the condition of  your clock.  It also shows your sincerity in getting your clock repaired.

Before major work is done, a 50% down payment may be required, with 50% due at pick-up.



Choose your level of Service:

Many times we can offer the customer more than one price level of service and repair, if appropriate.

You know how many dollars you have to spend and how much risk you are willing to accept.  You also know if you have “sentimental feelings” for your clock or if this is just a timepiece used for utility purposes.

You may choose to only have a “quick fix,” if possible, to get it running and it may run a long time for a minimal cost.


The next level  would be having some of the repairs done, but not all.  Realizing that eventually your clock will stop and then it will need a full overhaul or movement replacement.


The last level of repair would be having a full repair and service done.  This can provide many more years of enjoying your clock.

If a new movement is available, we will offer this choice to you.  It may or may not be less than an in-shop overhaul but it will increase your chance of getting your clock back sooner.

We would explain the benefits and risks you would be taking at each level of service.


We only offer partial repairs, if appropriate, and if the clock has a reasonable chance of running for a few more years.


There will be clocks that have only one option if it’s ever going to run again.  That would be a full repair or replacement of the movement if a new movement is available.


Some clocks will be turned down for repair under certain situations.


If the customer chooses a lower level of service rather than the option of full repair, then they take the gamble of how long the clock will run.

We guarantee that our work is done correctly.


If the full repair service or movement replacement is chosen, then it comes with a one year guarantee*.



We are busy.

Our shop is very busy.  We have many clocks waiting in line to be repaired.

To do the best work, one does not rush through the job.


Ryan takes the time to get to know your clock and let it “talk” to him.  This allows him to identify what your clock needs and the particular problems it has.  Only after this, does the repair work begin.

This gives the customer the satisfaction of knowing that their clock has received the best possible service and has been repaired correctly.

Isn’t that what you want?


Please go to “About Our Shop – a “must read” on our website to further understand why we are so busy.  We have customers  continually coming into our shop, getting a job repair number, and waiting for their turn in line.


Common repairs may take several weeks to complete.  This may be due to the complexity of the repair or to the number of jobs ahead of you.

Please be advised, if your clock requires more than a simple adjustment,  it may be in our shop as long as 2 – 8 months to be serviced and repaired. 

We are doing our best to reduce the time needed to repair your clock.


If you choose to do business with Tick Tock Time Repair, you are agreeing to comply with our method of scheduling and the time needed for repairs. 



House-calls for clocks:

We schedule our house-calls for Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Your clock will be inspected and diagnosed by Ryan Fox, a Swiss Certified Watchmaker.  We will inspect and do the best we can for your clock during our visit.  Many clocks can be quickly adjusted to start running again.

Some clock problems are beyond a “house-call” and will require repair work in the shop or a new movement.  If your clock is in this situation, we will explain the repairs needed and provide a quote for the  repair/new movement fee.


Two of us come to the house-call. While your movement is being serviced, we also clean your clock case and touch-up any dings and scratches.


For clocks with chime rods, we have a house-call fee of $195 per hour + tax ($212.36 in WA), within 15 miles of our shop.  House calls take an average of 2-3 hours for cleaning, oiling and regulating.   Minimum house-call charge will be billed for 1-hour plus any mileage fee.


We service tubular bell Grandfather clocks.  However, our house call fee per hour is $255 per hour + tax for this type of complex clock.  Tubular bell clocks generally average 3-4 hours to service.  If the tubular bell clock is in a home-made case, we will decline to service it.


There may be a mileage fee to get to your home.  There is no charge for the first 15 miles.  The next 10 miles we charge $3 per mile.  Travel miles over 25 will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.  We prefer not to travel more than 25 miles out.  We use Google Map to determine mileage from our shop to your home.


If Google Map shows that your home is 25 miles from our shop, the fee for a chime rod clock would be:  $195 (includes the first 15 miles) + $30 mileage fee ($3 x 10 miles), including tax, the total would come to $245.03 (Washington) for the first hour.



Is all repair work done in-house?

Occasionally, due to the circumstances, we may use the talents of a clock specialist for repairs or fabrication of a part.   We warranty any work done by a specialist because we inspect their work and confirm it was done correctly.

We prefer to do all work in our shop where we have total control over the repair process.


Please realize, that house-calls do not have a one year guarantee.  Only full service/repair jobs done in our shop carry a one year guarantee.

*NOTE: We do not warranty the suspension spring, if your clock uses one, since it can be easily broken by the owner due to rough handling of the pendulum or moving of the clock.  We do not warranty the mainsprings if they brake due to a defect or the damage resulting from the failure.

Sales tax for Washington and Idaho will be added to all fees.


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